Why Pole Dancing Fitness is capturing new audiences worldwide

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Pole dancing is no longer perceived as a sometimes poor attempt to attract audiences to clubs and shows with the hidden or often blatant promises of erotic performances. In the world of today, this art is primarily associated with extreme fitness, as well as fantasy, or erotic and acrobatic art forms.

Meeting the ever increasing demands of a wide and varied audience, has seen an explosion of pole schools, various types of instructor classes and even purpose designed studios. It is no longer only a question of pole dancing, but a natural means of body and skills enhancement. It is an ideal application for anyone wanting overall improved levels of fitness, and an added sexiness, from weight loss, increased strength, fluidity of movement and especially, improved self-confidence! Another and crucial advantage is that this fitness form is something for all family members, of all ages, sizes and tastes.

A new fitness experience

For those seeking something different and more exciting, than the usual bachelor, bachelorette parties, a Pole Party has become and is increasingly gaining in popularity. This is for many, an introduction into the art of pole dancing and pole fitness and one that is fast replacing traditional male strip shows in Las Vegas hotels.

Female and male appeal to the opposite sexes has and always will be major criteria and viewing this factor from an objective view, means that a woman or man, who has confidence and is in sync with their body, is going to be perceived as, attractive. Adding to this; if this inherent appeal is transported into their intimate lifestyle, it’s going to be a highly significant enhancement that will be appreciated. Pole art and fitness have a unique appeal, because it is difficult to make a comparison with any other art forms, displaying the extraordinary beauty of the human body in a manner that is also exceptionally sexy.

Sensual exercise

Pole dance fitness has enjoyed increasing popularity for a long time and makes for a severe body workout that is also fun. A comparison with a well structured pole dance exercise would be a 3 minute street dance routine. At the same time, a pole dancing combines this intense fitness aspect with a recognized sensuality that develops the body and muscle tone into an attractive and defined natural form.

For both males and females, lithe, controlled and fluid body movement have an almost animal sense of grace and sensuality and in the same context as yoga, influences mental perspectives. The old saying of looking great makes you feel great, is created by pole dancing fitness, which at the same time is a motivation to improving general health and body maintenance habits.

The era of pole dance fitness

For male and female artists, the outdated perceptions of pole dancing and seedy strip clubs, has been dispersed. As populations worldwide gain realization that body and mental fitness are combined and that health is the common factor, so will awareness of how this art form can literally, be a life changer!


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