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Show a little more, show a little less, add a little smoke…

In my case it’s always going to be show a little less, since some things are really best kept covered and I don’t like people throwing things at me! Having done an Argentine Tango routine, I wanted to find a new theme to work towards and the next challenge is going to be Burlesque style. This decision was partly influenced by the music I found, “Whatever Lola Wants” and I am currently having a play with the routine. There’s a bit of a story to the routine and hopefully some comedy too.

The choreography is coming on and is flowing more easily this time, unlike the tango before it. The learning curve in pole never ceases to amaze me. Trying to be deliberately cheeky and flirty is a real challenge but it’s easier this time managing to get the tricks to go with the music and the theme of the routine. I’ll also be using props for the first time which will be a chair and a fall guy for ‘Lola’.

The big surprise is the heels. I wear heels all the time when not dancing but introducing them to a pole routine is just an entirely different process.

I’ve always been impressed watching the girls that dance in heels and thought about how good it was that they land so elegantly. So my first time in heels was an adventure. The heels are only on for part of the routine.

My first go at wearing them to dance I did a spinning climb and it worked nicely as did an aerial windmill. Reverse maypole into chair went alright and I managed to get my feet down and not collapse. It all appeared to be going swimmingly and looked like it was going to be somewhat easy. Then I tried to invert… now I have a whole new respect for the girls that dance in heels all the time. I couldn’t get myself inverted properly. It’s taken a couple of weeks of practice and some strengthening of my abs but at last it’s working, I can invert even in 4 inch platforms.

The routine is for Mr & Miss Pole which is coming up on the 26th of May. It’s the revisit to the podium and I’m hoping that the second time will be less scary. The atmosphere at the last Glasgow competition was so lovely that I’m looking forward to going back.

There’s going to be a doubles category and a men’s category so really looking forward to seeing that. I’ll be competing in the student category and I’ll still be up against far more experienced dancers but again, it’s about the experience.

Really looking forward to it and also getting to watch the professionals do their stuff, including Heidi Hildersley!


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