What do you love about pole?

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Poling for me is having wings and forgetting about gravity. I never felt good on the floor… Except for floor-work because I can go up in the sky gripped to my pole. I can climb and the only limit is the one I create in my head, and the ceiling, but let’s say there is no limit because that is what it feels like.

Being a teacher gives me the opportunity to share that passion with people who are looking for a good way to improve themselves. Even if pole is just a sport for them, when they see how much I love it, it brings them to what makes them feel that way in life, that energy is magic to me !

When I pole for a show, I connect with the public to share the emotions of that moment with them. It is called “catharsis”. It means that a pole dancing performance – or polormance 😀 – can create a whole universe in which there is only you and the public in a perfect motion. Everybody forgets about everything around.

Pole dancing is still new, free and open minded. The public (pole fans or discovering it) will be more than happy to see original shows. For instance poling with clothes – and not necessarily burlesques clothes – or not high heels but hip hop or salsa shoes. I also love to develop my freestyle skills by challenging myself : my last was an 8 minutes freestyle on my boyfriend’s mix ( <3 !!!!!! )

And you ? What do you love about pole ?


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