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Top 10? That’s not fair, I need like a top 100. There are so many pole dancers in the world that are amazing in so many ways; some are amazingly strong or amazingly flexible… or both! Others are fantastic teachers, and others are incredible performers.  This is a very hard list to make!  This is not an exhaustive list.


1)     Fawnia Dietrich

Fawnia was one of the first people to make pole a fitness pursuit. Back in the mid-1990, Fawnia got her start as an exotic dancer, after she performed she would get compliments on her athleticism and her theatrics.  She was the first to release pole dance DVDs.  Fawnia was also the creator of the Pole Expo in Las Vegas and she is the creator of an instruction certification.  Fawnia is truly a pole pioneer.


2)     Alethea Austin

Alethea Austin was one of my first pole crushes and she is awesome.  She is insanely strong and impossibly flexible.  Alethea is also amazingly kind and approachable.  The pole world is lucky to have her.  Alethea was the US Pole Dance Federation Miss Sexy 2009 and US Pole Federation Champion in 2010.  Currently, Alethea resides in Nashville, Tennessee and owns The Chrome Bar.


3)     Karol Helms

Karol is an amazing dancer and a wonderful teacher.  In her first competition, US Pole Dance Federation East Coast Regionals in 2009.  She helped develop the first line of fitness clothing for pole dancers by pole dancers.  In 2010 Karol competed in the USPDF National champions in 2010 and was runner up and chosen as Miss Sexy.  She teaches workshops worldwide and has been inspirational to thousands of women.


4)     Charlee Wagner

Before discovering pole fitness, Charlee was an All Star Cheerleader.  After discovering pole fitness and her new passion for it and aerial hammock, she dedicated herself to becoming an international competitor.  Charlee also develops new tricks that push flexibility and strength limits. In 2013 Charlee was the National Pole Art Champion, the 2012 Pole Expo, Pole-A-Palooza Champion, and the North American Pole Dance Championship National Elite 2012 – Champion in addition to many other titles.  Aside from being a fantastic competitor, she teaches workshops worldwide in pole, aerial hammock, and contortion.


5)     Oona Kivela

Oona is known worldwide for her strength, musicality, and flexibility.  She is a former gymnast, who fell in love with pole at her first class.  Oona has created many new tricks that embody her strengths- which are- everything.


6)     Amber Cahill

Amber Cahill is a pole dancer from the Midwest of the United States.  She is the owner and instructor at TGR in Ankeny, Iowa.  Her first pole competition was the Midwest Pole Competition.  While she is one of the most talented dancers, she is also an inspiration to all of her students.


7)     Cleo The Hurricane

Cleo is from Australia and she has a fun rock style that makes everything fun to watch.  She is the current Miss Pole Dance Australia, she was also Miss Pole Dance Australia 2012.  Before finding her way to the pole she had classical ballet training and gymnastics experience.  Cleo has written, produced, and starred in her fitness DVDs- Rockin’ Legs and Abs and created a fantastic career out of pole fitness.


8)     Felix Cane

Felix Cane is a pole dancing legend and pioneer.  She has created many new tricks and is almost super human with her strength and flexibility.  In addition to world champion pole dancing titles she also has an instructor certification, released an iphone app “Pocket Pole Studio” and performed with Cirque Du Soleil Zumantiy.


9)     Jenyne Butterfly

Jenyne is a world famous pole and aerial performer. While she is amazing pole dancer she is also incredibly versatile, being accomplished on pole, silks, hammock, trapeze, and hoop.  Jenyne is a competitor, judge, champion, and instructor.  Jenyne has travelled the world competing in competitions, performing with Le Reve- a Cirque du Soleil show, and teaching.


10)  Bendy Kate

Bendy Kate is an innovative pole and aerial artist from the UK.  Before finding pole she was trained as an acrobat.  Since launching her pole career she has won many competitions. Currently, she is a sought after performer and teacher for circus arts and pole.

One of the best things about pole is that there are so many different styles of dance and even more techniques.  There is something in pole for everyone from a fluid dance, to a daredevil trickster, to a sensual slither.


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