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So the show went to plan, managed not to fall on my head or my behind, handstand worked – phew. Also managed not to fall off table or trip over stage while being a naughty elf, a good night all round really.

One of my friends posted on Facebook with a picture of an iceberg, the top being the show, the huge bit underneath being the rehearsals – good analogy I thought. The run up of the final week was rather full on. The last rehearsal in the performance venue was Thursday and there was the loveliest atmosphere, everyone giving support and attention, shouting ‘point your toes’ or ‘smile’ at the appropriate moments! The night before had everyone together again, nobody being given the freedom to hide in the corner, good practice for an audience since some people hadn’t performed in public before. We’d hit just the right balance of pushing and supporting each other.

Then came the day of the show. More prep, final rehearsal (I messed up my handstand but tried to remain calm about it). Come the show there were tears with nerves, some wardrobe issues and a couple of heated words. All behind the scenes and all quickly resolved as we’d reached that point of comfort where we could all let the madness out a little and there were plenty of hugs and support to go round.

For me, I genuinely love performing and don’t really suffer from nerves. The handstand was on my mind but I knew if I missed the pole I could go into bridge and stand up and the audience would be none the wiser. It was also my first outing as a sponsored athlete so was thinking it would be best not to make a total mess of things. Got into my starting position which is all dramatic (tee hee) and waited for the music which didn’t come. Again someone was there to make me laugh and I had to pull it together to get back to be all serious to perform. The pole was a bit slippy so some spins were tricky but it all worked out. It was just a genuinely lovely way to finish the year off.

My body’s had 7 days rest and now I’m climbing the walls so back to training. Have choreographing to do and goals to set, ah the busy life of a pole obsessive.

Festive wishes to everyone, looking forward to the adventure that will be 2013.


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