The long, slow road to recovery

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Whilst most people enjoy a lengthy break from pole during the holidays, I’ve been sat at home twiddling my thumbs and itching to get back on the pole. Its been over 3 weeks since I cracked my rib, and during that time I’ve been banned from doing any physical activities and also picked up a nasty sickness bug on the way. After losing weight (probably a lot of muscle), not being able to work on my flexibility training and feeling what only can be described as weaker than I’ve ever felt since I started pole dancing, today I got back on the pole.

I took it quite gently, as my rib is still a little bit sore in certain positions and I’ve been pretty much home ridden for the past few weeks, and made sure I avoided anything which may have aggravated my injury. To my surprise, my spins and inverts were relatively unfazed by the break from pole, but I definitely noticed a difference in the more strength based moves such as hand springs and pull ups. They felt weaker than before, and I could tell that my lines and muscles weren’t working to the best of their ability. It felt like a hand spring took a lot of energy when before my injury I was well on my way to working on dead lifting and straight legged hand springs.

I feel a little bit disheartened by this, especially as there are lots of video heat entries for competitions which I want to enter whose deadline dates are getting closer and closer, but I know that my muscle memory will serve me well and with some hard work and time I will get back to my normal self soon. But right now I’m going to have a hot shower and prepare for the dreaded pole ache tomorrow morning, eek!!!


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