The Importance Of 1 On 1 Training

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Group classes, especially, pole fitness classes have an unique dynamic.  In group classes you can get to know your classmates and encourage each other.  In pole classes (and other leveled classes) this is especially apparent.  Often the same group has been taking classes together for moths.

But there is a downside.  There always is a downside.

Working out in a group is great but you are at times held back by individuals and you may not get the right kind of work to suit your goals.  This is where working one on one with a trainer can be invaluable.  It can help you meet your fitness goals as well as meet your trick goals.

Struggling with your Elbow Grip Ayesha? Work on your core.   In a group setting you probably will not get the attention that you need on the specific muscles you need.  Most often when leading a class of people through an exercise an instructor cannot provide the guidance needed for the most effective workout.  That may mean you need several adjustments to your form or how you are holding something.  With a larger group that kind of attention is just not feasible.  When you work with a trainer he or she can work closely with you to make sure you are engaging the proper muscles to make the most of your time.

Pole dancing for fitness is my favorite exercise activity by far.  However it does have some short comings.  Unless you are actively dancing or working on tricks the cardio is not always as intense as I would like it.  By working with a trainer I have been able to focus the time on my goals.

Moreover, a trainer can point out areas that you did not even know you could or should work on.   They have a keen understanding of how the body works and functions as a whole and how best to target stubborn muscles or fat.

In terms of motivation, it is pretty motivating to have someone who is watching you all time to ensure you are doing something correctly and not cheating or faking your way through it.   I can’t count the number of times I have slacked off in a group exercise class when the instructor was watching someone else.  With respect to that you can really get your monies worth out of a training session.

This does not mean you need to be at the gym every day. Often trainers will help you come up with a few workouts that you can do on your own in between sessions.  For example I work with a trainer individually 2x a week and have other classes the remaining days (most of the time).  Even on days I have other classes I try and get in my trainers work out as that is specifically designed for me.

My time with the trainer has really brought me to a new level fitness wise been a great benefit to my pole dancing.  I have managed to lose a lot of inches and look amazingly fit- however as muscle is more dense than fat, the scale has not changed as much as I would have hoped.  That was another thing the trainer helped me realize, I may not be losing a ton of weight but my body fat percentage is way down.

Personal training is a great addition to an exercise plan especially pole dancing.  If it seems to expensive see if you can split a session with a friend, you will still get great individual attention, and decrease the overall expense.

If you have not tried it, give it a shot.  A lot of gyms offer specials for a single session so you do not commit to something that you do not enjoy.

This article was written for Platinum Stages by Start Right PT. A female Southend-on-Sea personal training company based in Essex, England and specialising in weight loss and body toning for women.


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