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Where did August go?

Well the non-invert competition is out of the way. I managed a 4th. It was a good experience and I’m glad I did it but isn’t one I’d chose to repeat.

I do think I’ve learned from it though in terms of interpreting music and thinking about how I can link things together.

It seems odd that I’m so excited about being able to invert again. When I was learning to invert I found it so very difficult, trying to convince my body it wanted to go upside down was not an easy task. There were tantrums and sulks and hating myself doing it. It is one of the things I’ve done in pole which very much reminded me that I used to be a big girl and that was the image I struggled with very much while learning this.

Having taken a month off inverts all together, I found it difficult to start with but was so ridiculously happy to be looking at the world upside down again and could be found in class just hanging out in a batman/crucifix for ages, because I could. Strength has definitely suffered but is coming back very quickly. My shoulder mount had gone much to my dismay but I managed it last night and was so pleased. Even handstands were not great when I was practising last night and I can handstand from sitting usually and am pretty strong once I’m up there. It totally shows that it’s a use it or lose it situation. It would be so easy to get frustrated and beat myself up over a skill not being too sharp but it’s a good thing to have these bumps as it gives me something to push towards – challenge is good.
So being the goal oriented thing that I am, I’ve signed up for another competition and am due to compete at the Polefit Starlet on Friday the 13th!!!

The song I’ve chosen this time is ‘Madness’ by Muse. I’ve wanted to dance to it for a long time but felt I wasn’t ready to give it a full crack. Now I feel ready and am loving doing the choreography and interpreting the song. I’m trying to go for a fluid quality of movement with an edge of manic. Obviously there’s an invert or 2 in there and there are a couple of new flexi tricks I’m trying to smooth out – fingers crossed…


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