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For summer 2013 I would love to have a six pack or even the start of one! My instructor continuously says “summer bodies are made in winter” and seeing as how winter in this country is going on forever this year I think I may have a pretty good chance of achieving what I want….(If I stop eating so many Easter eggs).

I have been doing several classes designed to build muscle and lose weight at the moment. My studio does an abs class and also TRX which are both great for improving tone and losing weight. I have also been running more to burn extra calories. Hopefully with all these classes I will start to notice some differences in my figure. I can already see that my stomach muscles are more defined after a few months so will keep at it. I want to improve my fitness in general as well as on the pole. I find that after a couple of moves I get tired and then have to rest before being able to hold the next move. This might be a problem when it comes to performances or competitions when I don’t get to have a break.

For summer I would also love to have a portable pole. I can’t have one in my house because of all the old wooden floors so one that I could have in the garden for summer would be perfect and give me a lot more motivation to train whilst getting a tan.  I am still working on moves which require strength for the summer showcase and am getting slightly nervous about the prospect of hundreds of people watching me perform.

I still haven’t chosen a song or put a routine together for showcase and am leaving it a bit late as usual.

On the plus side – I had a pole photo shoot in January and the photos are back so I have attached a couple of those. In the photo shoot I had trouble getting lots of my regular moves as I attempted to wear pointe shoes….bad idea.

There is another one in summer and if I do it I would like to look more toned and get some better moves. I wasn’t particularly happy with the photos from January as I wasn’t in the best shape but I’m thinking that had something to do with eating too much at Christmas.


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