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Why Refit your Studio? (how much does it cost)

whyAre your poles wearing down? Have you experienced problems with student allergies? Due to the toxic coating; wearing off of your chrome coated poles. Or perhaps you are getting ready to relaunch, re-brand or own your new pole dancing studio!

There is now an affordable solution! For the price of a second hand every day chrome dance pole, you can completely revamp your studio so it is newer, safer and fit for purpose! With industrial strength, removable, studio and competition grade poles that are built to last and stand the test of time!



Platinum Quality (what’s different about Platinum Stages products)

qualityWe believe a studio environment should be as safe as it possibly could be, students of all sizes should be able to dance with confidence and have no concern about the poles they are using. Chrome plated home poles; that are pieced together are not ideal for a studio environment. This is why Platinum Stages use only solid stainless steel and brass materials of the highest quality!

As an instructor and business owner your studio dance poles are used on a daily basis and should withstand the test of time. Problems with joints, tools and safety should not be a concern in the day to day running of your business.



Usability (how do they work?)

useabilityOur one piece removable poles are custom made for each studio. They are completely removable and can be put up or taken down in under a minute! They also offer several fixing options. These poles can be pressure-mounted causing zero damage to your floor and ceiling or can be permanently / semi-permanently fixed for ultra stability and peace of mind. All poles are both spinning & static using the famous Platinum Stages pin locking system, turning your poles from spinning to static in seconds!




After Sale Service (what if I move location?)

after-careMoving location is longer a concern with one piece poles! We offer a fast turn around pole reduction or extension service for all Platinum Stages one piece products. Guaranteeing safety for your students with study poles built for purpose and the knowledge that you do not have to remain in a single location with a fixed ceiling height.





Shipping & Availability (how quickly can I refit my studio?)

shipping2Our studio poles are fully stocked and produced in the UK. We offer cheap shipping rates for studio orders and ship all throughout the UK and Europe. We promise a fast turn around and manufacture time.