A Small Break After My Pole Dancing Show

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Hello again, so how did I do in the World Pole Sports Championships?

I think it went well, I managed all my compulsory flexibility moves that I was worried about, cocoon and Allegra being the hardest ones for me. Hope you all have all seen my performance, what did you think?

I think there was a few times my transitions could have been cleaner but I’m still very happy with it and proud to have been apart of the competition.

All the competitors were amazing. The age range was from 10 to 62. The young ones were super flexible and had amazing strength. How I wish I had started when I was younger. If you get a chance you should check YouTube for some of the performances. Team GB did amazing scooping up 2nd and 3rd medals from the different categories.

After all that training in the lead up to the competition I had a easy week, a well deserved mini rest! This week I’m back on it , training hard with my friend Tiff in her studio in Glasgow, Pole Physique. We are working on new moves for the next comp before I start choreographing my next routine with my other friend Suzanne from Head Over Heels. I Cant wait to get started!
I hope all of you enjoy my performance from London xx

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