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Recently at the pole club we have been working hard to prepare for competition and to progress on to harder tricks. This means we have spent most of our time frantically working on routines and doing strength training exercises to push our training to the next level. It also means that we kind of lost that level of fun that we had when things were moving at a slower pace. Now I am not saying that this is a bad thing, the level of progression in the group has dramatically increased and we have seen great ideas for routines coming along, however I do miss how laid back lessons sometimes used to be.

I am not one for internet trends and you tube videos, but the Harlem shake particularly caught my eye and gave me the idea to do it with the girls at the end of one of our lessons! I hadn’t seen another pole club do one yet, and I thought it would be a great way to let our hair down at the end of some training. I was so impressed with the amount of people who took part, and didn’t mind dressing weird and dancing like crazy, and the result was much better than I had imagined. (Although it has shown me that I need to work on my video editing skills as I am terrible at putting a 30 second clip together!)

Now I am not suggesting that everyone has to make one of these videos, but I do think that more of us should leave a bit of time spare to have fun and enjoy our lessons with others. Be that putting on a silly song and trying to improvise a routine, trying out some double moves or having a laugh at our faces when we do an awkward move! We spend so much time trying to work hard, its easy to forget to have a bit of fun doing it!

Next term we are having an 80’s themed pole conditioning class and pole jam for charity, and it is all going to be about taking pole with a pinch of salt and having some fun! For many of us pole dancing started as a fun hobby and has now become a huge part of our lives and I think its about time that we start to remember to have some fun!




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