Redefining Flexibility For Pole Dancing

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I’ve not been doing pole that long so my skills are far from stellar. Still, I’m bendy and I can point my toes!! Flexibility is a very important part of my training routine.

I’m a fitness instructor and yoga teacher, I’ve always believed in the importance of stretching for improving range of movement and injury prevention. Having said that – my flexibility training has been in a bit of rut recently. There are always new ways to do yoga postures and develop, but my training specifically for pole has become a bit stuck.

So I have front splits on both legs, have never quite managed a full box split. My bridge is good and I can twist round the pole to do a stag.

I can touch my toes and in fact fold myself in half to do a hamstring stretch but where do you go from there? Not like I can go through my legs for more stretch.

Recently I attended a flexibility master class with Debs Riley (British Pole Dance Academy). This was my first master class I’d done for pole and I was really excited if a little nervous at the thought of 4 hours of stretching. Regardless I headed to the workshop with all the things required to attend.

The first thing to say is that 4 hours flew by shockingly quickly. Debs is a great teacher; she is funny and engaging but will push you to do more if she thinks you can. The woman also really knows her stuff and my body was stretched in ways it hadn’t experienced and I loved it.

I’ve learned a lot from the class including a new appreciation for tennis balls. I’ve set new flexibility and strength goals and will be recording them as I go along. Also I was very happy to find out that my favourite stretch is referred to as ‘Road Kill’, this amused me no end!

Following Deb’s tips I’m finding that my spine is looser and moving more freely and I’m generally moving more easily. I hadn’t realised how much tension I was carrying until it was released. If you get a chance to attend one of these brilliant classes I can totally recommend it.

I’m writing this blog the day before I compete again, so I will get that done and then start to work hard on my goals of flexibility and strength, recording as I go.

Tomorrow is back to the Mansion House in Glasgow and the podium. I’m crossing my fingers and everything else I can manage… the student category is open so I’m going for the experience. Last time I was on a podium pole, I wasn’t really climbing the pole, this time I’m going up. I’ve had some issues with my grip this week so hoping it’s playing nice come tomorrow. Well, better go get packed and ready for more pole-tastic fun tomorrow.


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