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Since 2001, Platinum Stages has innovated over 50 products and been supplying the highest quality poles to the pole dance industry. Beginning with the 1st free standing pole (The Platinum Stage), then one-piece poles for nightclubs and gentlemen’s clubs, later entering the fitness sector supplying studios and multi-piece poles for end consumers. Platinum Stages enjoys being a key part of the pole industry’s growth.

However, going forward a corporate decision has been made to ‘go back to our roots’ and focus on longer, stronger, one-piece removable & competition style poles for studios, nightclubs and gentlemen’s clubs; stepping back from the manufacture of multi-piece poles and stages.

Platinum Stages believes that by specializing and using our strong manufacturing & innovation base we can bring the one-piece removable and competition grade pole industry to new levels. Platinum Stages fully endorses and supports Xpole’s quality removable and free standing products. Not wishing to lose the opportunity of selling multi-piece poles and stages, Platinum will become a top level Affiliate/ Reseller of X-poles excellent range of poles and stages.

Platinum looks forward to once again concentrating on its core product sector while still being able to sell quality portable products to the fitness industry and end consumers.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for all their support and look forward our ongoing participation in the pole industry.


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