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Recently I have been trying to work on moves that require strength rather than flexibility. All my “good” moves involve the ability to be fairly flexible and I want to add more moves that require strength.

I have been trying to work on moves like the flag and have also been trying to lift into split grip, cup grip and twisty grip. I can lift the move and hold for about ten seconds but cannot seem to lift my legs yet. When I started pole I couldn’t do a single proper press up let alone a pull up. Pole has definitely improved my strength and since doing it I have gone up a dress size simply from gaining muscle in my arms and becoming broader. I can now do push ups and pull ups with a fair amount of ease so I shouldn’t imagine it will be long before I can lift these moves.

Through doing pole I have also increased my core strength. I can see the definition in my abs section which I had never before been able to see.

I was a ballerina for about seventeen years and thought I had a very strong core from this. It really surprised me to find out just how much core strength is required for certain pole moves. This is an area I am trying to train to improve certain moves and to be able to aerial inverts with straight legs. I may start weight training as I think this may speed up the process of being able to do more strength related moves.

My first showcase is in June and I hope to have sorted out some of these moves by then.




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