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Hi, I’m Heidi from Glasgow in Scotland.

Pole pole pole, that’s all I do these days and I love it!

In the passed 5 month I’ve been training for pole dancing competitions and it’s paid off so far. I try to get on the pole everyday and also training in the gym, lifting weights twice a week to build ma strength.

In April I won the Edinburgh pole competition and in May I also entered miss pole Scotland. Which I was really happy to win. I really enjoy entering all sorts of competitions, their fun, exciting, I get to meet loads of people , and most of all they give me a target to work towards and push myself too. If you’ve never been to one I highly recommend it, you will love it!

Since the miss pole Scotland I’ve been working hard on flexibility and working on new moves for my next competition. This is The World Pole Sport Championships in London. Oh my gosh , it’s getting close, actually it’s next weekend! Eeekkk!! I have about four days left of practising, as I like to have a few days off before the competition day.

This has definitely going to be the most challenging routine so far with a compulsory strength and flexibility move thrown in. Flexibility is not my strong point so fingers crossed I can get into all these positions on the day. I’m sure I will (positive thinking!!)

There going to be so many amazing competitors and performances. GO TEAM GB!

Now I’ve got my blog writing down to a tee ill keep you all up to date on my progress and let you know how the competition goes.

Hopefully some of you will be there to cheer along, and if you are please come say hello

Bed time for me now so off to dream about my routine, something I always do on the week leading up to a big competition.

Heidi xx


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