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Photo by Don Curry

At some point in a poler’s pole journey he or she may decide that he or she desire’s photographic evidence is warranted. Don Curry is one of the most well-known pole photographers the world over. Recently, I had the opportunity to book a photo-shoot with him and I am terrified and excited. This is not something that can be thrown together in 30 minutes. So here is what I have learned preparing for my shoot:

  • Working with a well-known photographer is a huge privilege and it is also costly. It is a great idea not to have this be the first pole photo-shoot that you should take part in. If at all possible find a lower cost photographer to go through it first, or maybe even have one of your pole studio friends take your pictures in a few poses you are considering to get a feel for what looks good.
  • This is not the time to try out new poses that you are not rock solid in. Stick with what you know, and know well. Simpler poses can be gorgeous, and you will not tire yourself out holding them waiting for the shot.
  • Plan your poses! Look at photos that you have from class (if any), peruse the photographers portfolio for ideas (if he or she has experience in pole photography). Look at well known pole photographs to get inspiration. Then practice- if you are going into a Jasmine and you always spin a half turn or so when you are getting into it—plan for that so you end up facing the right way.
  • Plan your wardrobe- this one was hard for me! Find things that express you, some women I know have used running shoes or a stethoscope- items or clothes that express things you enjoy or are passionate about, aside from pole. Make sure your wardrobe will work with the pole poses you are going for- if you need to have skin for stick make sure you have it.
  • Get your make up and hair done- great make-up and hair-do can make you feel much more confident. This clearly is not a requirement, but I found it helpful.
  • Enjoy it. Your pictures will be amazing. You can share them with your significant other or keep them private- either way you can look back on them in many years and remember how bad-ass you were.
  • Psych yourself up. Listen to music that makes you feel incredible. Remember how strong you are.

Not every poler wants to have pictures of him or her, and that is great as well. If you do, go for it. Pole is an empowering and it changes more than your body. Enjoy it.


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