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What makes a pole “champion” is often about how easy she or he looks in spins, tricks and transitions. Fluidity is the mark of  beautiful choreography (or freestyle) whichever level it reaches. Here are some tips for fluidity :

– Positioning hands at the right place in one move : when you are climbing or making a inversion, to make it look easy place your hands only one time, it takes time to learn exactly where it feels good for you but once you know this position the move itself become easier.

Never jump except … : when it is an artistic move, but then try to look as stable as possible when you arrive in position.

– Momentum : a way to see if you are in a good motion is to check if the pole is shaking, if it is it means that you miscalculated your momentum  Remember that the pole is round and you are playing with the circles and spirals of which it is the center, especially in spinning mode. I think Marion Crampe is the best example to see how to climb gracefully and calculate hers. Even a phoenix (the move when you throw yourself front and come back the other side) isn’t supposed to move the pole.

Climbing like you’re flying : by placing your hands directly in the good position, even when you climb 2 to 5 times, keep pointing your toes even the back leg. For the hands position, my favorite way is one hand high and one hand chest high so that I can push my body from the pole and make an artistic move between the moment I lift my foot and the moment I place it on the pole. I learned that from looking (over and over) at Jenyne Butterfly who climbs more than 3 meters so gracefully you don’t even realize she is climbing.

Flow or infinite combo : to stay on the Jenyne Butterfly case, what makes her stay 6 minutes up in the air and even though it is twice as long as most pole dance videos ? She has the “infinite combos logic” .. Which means from one move you have a range of other moves you can do, you have dead ends move, transition moves, beginning moves… For instance here is a good combo :

  • Outside leg hang
  • Superman
  • Shoulder mount (twisted grip)
  • Ayesha
  • Butterfly
  • Libellule
  • French brass monkey
  • Janeiro (could be a dead end but if you are at 2meters from the pole you can go back on the pole)
  • Ballerina
  • Yogini
  • Layout
  • Crescent Moon
  • Iguana stuff
  • And you can come up from the Iguana for another infinite combo.


Floor work : in Australia floor work is a religion, I think it is our strip tease legacy that makes it so important because it is a way to express sensuality gracefully off the pole. It’s also a way to express to emphasize your pole work as a good intro or a good transitions between 2 poles.

If other tips come up later I’ll edit the post, so don’t hesitate to give yours and stay tuned for updates !!




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