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It is less than 2 weeks until my next competition, the Midlands Pole Championships on Sunday 7th April, and I’ve just had my 22nd birthday, so my final competition preparations start now!

I have been practicing this routine since January, so I have it firmly embodied in my head and now I am focusing on polishing the routine as a whole and getting my body looking toned and defined for standing in front of the crowd. For the remaining days leading up to the competition, my pre competition regime will include:

-Listening to my song and running through the routine in my head at least three times a day.

-Practicing my routine whenever possible in full, and ensuring that my moves are positioned correctly to face the audience and that the little things such as pointed toes, facial expression and arm extension’s are being used.

-Bumping up my healthy eating, particularly after all my birthday treats! This means making sure that I am making smart choices when choosing my meals, and ensuring that they are reasonable portions. This also includes having a meal replacement shake for lunch when I am away from the home, instead of sneaking in some fast food or packed lunch.

-Rest and recovery! With all the hard work I will be putting in with my pre competition regime, I will also be sure to remember to give my body time to rest and recover. This will mean having a rest day in between each training day, and also making sure that I have my protein shakes and do gentle stretching to reduce my muscle ache the next day. I have been advised by many professional pole dancers to not over do training just before a competition because you will hinder your performance on the actually day. This especially includes to not train the day before the competition and to make sure that you have well balanced meals the day before and on the day of the competition to fuel your body to be able to perform to its best ability

Stretching at the gym after a big training session to help reduce muscle soreness the next day
Stretching at the gym after a big training session to help reduce muscle soreness the next day

-Finally, I will be helping my family make their arrangements to the venue. I am very lucky to have a supportive family, who have always embraced the fact that I chose to pole dance and are looking forward to seeing me compete. The last competition they attended was my first ever competition in an instructor category and it didn’t go to plan. I was very upset afterwards but there support made me feel much better. They reminded me that I was competing against pole dancers, whose career is to pole and who pole dance every day, and that it would be difficult for me to compete against them when I only teach at the Uni club and am a fairly new instructor. It made me see that I was being very tough on myself and helped ease the pressure for me in professional competitions, but I would love to show them that now I deserve to be in the category and can give the other competitor a run for their money despite the difference in our experience and opportunities.

I hope that my hard work will pay off and that I manage to perform the routine the way I have been dreaming of since the beginning of the year. More than anything, I would absolutely love to be placed at least 3rd in this competition and show how far I have come as an instructor since my last competition in October where I placed 7th. I will be sure to share my story of the event and hopefully will be able to share with you my success.


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