Pole dance safely, use a pole crash mat

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A few years ago pole dancing was considered the arena of gentlemen’s clubs, but now more than ever it is accepted as a the effective, fun, and incredible whole body exercise it is.

For beginning pole dancers the tricks are not terribly dangerous, the biggest dangers are pulling muscles, stubbed toes, and skin callouses, admittedly there is a very low risk of joint damage.

As skill level increases, the potential dangers increases with it. Which is why it is absolutely crucial to take steps for safe poling. Some basic safety precautions should be observed. These include, not attempting tricks that are not beyond one’s skill and strength level. If you are trying a new trick that has some risk—get a spotter. The spotter’s job will be to keep your neck, spine, and head safe. It is one thing to sprain an appendage or limb entirely another thing to have a spinal or head injury it could be catastrophic.

Another safety step to observe is to use a crash mat, gymnasts, other aerialists, and lots of athletes use crash mats when doing tricks. These mats are used not only when they are working on new tricks that they are unsteady on, but even for safety sake during regular practice; there is no sense of risking thing unnecessarily.

When a lot of us are learning potentially dangerous tricks we do several things to protect ourselves:

  • We use nice thick mats
  • We use spotters (often with mats)
  • We work up to the trick and break it down into smaller pieces before tackling the whole thing
  • We don’t over train a trick- fatigue leads to injury

Pole is a fantastic sport. It is a ton of fun and it is a great work out, but there is potential for injury. So pole on…. But pole safely.


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