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Did you know there were different types of poles?  There are different finishes, different diameters, and poles that spin among the varieties of dance poles.  Buying a pole is looking more like buying a car every day! Lots options and features to consider.

When I started pole dancing I had no idea there were different types of poles available.  My studio only had static poles.  As I got more advanced, I learned about spin poles.   Spin poles are poles that use the momentum of the dancer and rotate on bearings.  This effect can greatly enhance a performance- but it also can make tricks infinitely harder.  As centripetal force is pulling the dancer away from the pole, while spinning, while perhaps upside down.  It is pretty, but challenging.

Spin poles can be removable or permanent.  Personally, I prefer spin poles to be permanent, as they feel more secure to me that way.  However, manufacturers do sell them as semi-permanent and removable as well.

Most poles that have spin or static modes have a small pin in the base that locks them into static mode and when removed allows the poles to spin.  This pin is easy to lose so keep track of it.  However, there are some poles that are harder to switch between modes.  This is something to investigate when you are looking at poles.  The last thing that you would want to do when you are dancing is have to haul out large and awkward tools to switch modes.  It can really ruin the flow of a dance.

Spin poles can add a beautiful element to dancing.  They can also be challenging to learn.  So make sure you practice safely.  I would recommend at least taking a few classes with a qualified instructor to learn the fundamentals of spin pole before purchasing one.

Like any other pole the same other considerations apply, look for removable, permanent or semi-permanent options.  Investigate the diameter that fits your needs best and the pole finish that you are most comfortable with.

Even if you do not currently dance using spin mode but are planning on continuing to pole dance, I strongly recommend getting a pole that can switch between spin and static modes.  You may at some point want to use spin mode.  If you only have a static pole, then you would have to invest more money on a new poll.

Pole dancing for fitness is a great activity.  It is exercise that does not really feel like exercise- it is so fun.  Many people find themselves hooked after a few classes.  It can pay to think long term though.


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