Pole Buying Guide: Freestanding Portable Dance Poles

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Star Stand Alone Freestanding Portable Dance PoleThere are some poles on the market that are free standing and have stages.  These are poles that are great for workshops, instructors, professionals, and outdoor use.

What better way to enjoy a beautiful day than by poling outdoors!  Poles are also commonly set up at concert events, fundraisers, or at the beach.  I am biased of course, but I cannot think of many events that would not be improved by adding a pole.

You should consider purchasing a portable pole with a free standing stage if you anticipate wanting to pole anywhere else but your home pole area or your studio.  I honestly did not think I would ever need or want a free standing pole with a stage however, I was wrong.

When purchasing a pole with a free standing stage investigate how easy the pole is to set up.  Some poles require no tools and can be set up in minutes.  Other poles can be a bit of a bother- requiring tools and lots of time and patience.  This is not conducive to a fun poling time.

Another thing to consider is the overall stability of the pole.  This is very important.   The last thing you want to do is be mid-twirl and have the whole thing tip over.  Read the reviews and the critiques of the poles you are considering.

Free standing stage poles are great for professional polers- and I do not mean only strippers.  Pole dancing for fitness is becoming more mainstream and I have seen pole performances at several music festivals lately.  If you are considering this path definitely look into a portable pole with a freestanding stage.

Another group who should invest in freestanding poles with portable stages are pole dancing instructors.  Not all areas have dedicated pole dancing studios so pole instructors sometimes have to set up in rooms that are not outfitted for pole dancing at different gyms or dance studios.  If an instructor needs to do this a free standing stage pole can offer a great dance surface and a stable pole.

Pole instructors also occasionally teach private lessons at client’s homes.   This is another circumstance with a portable stage pole is perfect.

If you are considering any of these paths, look into a free standing portable stage pole as an addition to your pole collection.  There are several quality ones on the market so find the one that fits your needs best.

Often, there are several vendors exhibiting at pole conventions.  These are the ideal times to try several poles before committing to one and making the investment.  Like all poles, these are not cheap!


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