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This past month has been very busy with many of the pole club’s members working on routines for upcoming competitions, and working on my own routine for the Midlands pole championships finals in April.

It’s very interesting to see how different people interpret their music choices, and how no two routines are a like. We have a broad range of members in the club, with many having dance or gymnastics background, but also many experienced in other sports such as Taekwondo and theatre.

The way that they incorporate their skills into their pole routine never fails to impress me, and goes to show that you don’t have to be an experienced dancer to put together a routine.

I took dance classes for a few months at primary school (as I was copying my best friend) but apart from that my dance experience is limited to pole and the dance floor on a Friday night. Sometimes it can be disheartening to see pole dancers who have a strong background in dance or gymnastics as they are skills which translate well to the pole.

I am so envious of the way they move, their flow and flexibility, and how they use floor work I would have never thought about using before! However, the more I meet pole dancers from other backgrounds, and some with no relevant form of experience, the more I see that you don’t not have to have a background to be able to be a good pole dancer, you just need to love what you do.

I am not saying that I think it is easy to compete against those with a strong background for their pole, but in a way it helps you to challenge yourself to be better now.

It becomes less about what you have done in the past and becomes more about what you can be in the future. Everyday I hear of pole dancers going to ballet classes or local beginner daily gymnastics classes, and its very encouraging to see that it is never too late to be able to develop those skills.

I have recently taken a few ballet lessons myself, and a contemporary pole workshop to help me develop my dance skills so I can translate them to my pole routines. I may have not become a ballerina, but it has helped me to think more about my body’s lines and how I hold my arms out, and I feel it had made a big difference to my stage presence.

It’s never too late to develop the skills you envy when watching other pole dancers. You may not be able to get to their level, and you may find that it’s a shock to your body to do something completely different, but its a great way to incorporate alternative training into your pole dancing regime and help you to create YOUR own style, not copying from your pole idol.

I do wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to keep up with the dance, and maybe try a gymnastics course, but its too late for regrets so there’s no time like the present to develop my skills. And I am highly considering encouraging my future children to take up gymnastics, just in case they want to get into pole hehe!


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