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Hello ! Here is my first post on Platinum Stages blog, I am very happy to share with you all polers and non polers (yet !) my passion of pole dancing.

It’s been a year on January the 27th that I started pole dancing and my whole life changed. So I will start by the beginning : how to start pole dancing ?

I opened a studio on September in South West of France, where pole dancing is more than new… And a question is often raised : do you need to be muscled, flexible, coordinated to pole ?


The only thing you need is to actually be alive, you don’t even need the four of your limbs : look at Deb Roach, she’s amazing on pole with only one arm !! She is my mentor by the way, because when I tried pole dancing the way she does, I felt disabled to have two arms.

What you need is the will to meet your own body and play with it because this is what pole dancing is about : you have a pole that can bring as high as the ceiling and a body that can bring you as high as the sky.

It may sound silly but we have the chance to have an artistic sport with no boundaries, it is all opened to creativity much more than “regular” dances, gym, yoga and fitness, which means there is always something to do whatever you look like.

So if there was any hesitation about how old or how fit you need to be… It’s not an excuse, GET ON THE POLE !!!

And enjoy !! 😉


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