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A strip club is in many ways a personal experience, created by the individual perceptions and desires of the audience; therefore, to determine leading destinations in the strip club industry is a challenging task. However, taking everything into account, among the primary concerns of the average patron, were the innovative and originality of the entertainment value, security and related health issues.

Regarding security and health; the top destinations and strip clubs, ensure to the best of their ability, the safety and security of their customers. It makes sense, because no lucrative money earning destination needs bad publicity, or gain a reputation for being a health or safety risk! Trained security guards, cameras and video recording procedures, are effective deterrents for the protection of the customers and artists, who also have the benefit of insurance and regular health care.

On this foundation, the top 5 strip club destinations are, in alphabetical order:




For going over the edge, a strip club in Athens, Greece is a great place to start. From extraordinary bars, with ultra-modern décor that is plush to the extreme, but created with class and style, helped by fiber optics. The artists are amazing in appearance and talent and for any patron seeking a special memory; this is where they will find it! Some clubs, even have a taxi service on standby, for customers, to be taken home, if necessary!




Bangkok, Thailand is notorious for its strip clubs and complete, unabridged adult entertainment. The dancing girls are a breathtaking sight, and in some clubs, there are up to 20 beautiful women on a huge stage at a time. Sitting watching a spectacular show, patrons can enjoy their drinks, or think about the next exotic adventure. For many, in Bangkok, it is a night that never ends. Compared to prices in the UK and USA, this is an extremely affordable experience, with £50 going a long way!




The European strip club techniques are well advertised in Berlin, Germany. Risqué is a fair description of the entertainment, which covers a very large and varied range of opportunities for customers. Entering a club, the patron is greeted with a drink, which signals the fun and games to begin. Magnificent artists keep the patrons entertained and it is generally available until 10 am!




Next one on the strip club circuit is Lisbon, Portugal. For a wild, party atmosphere, this is an experience that could be called, integrated! From a readily available selection of flowing drinks, to fabulous Portuguese food; to the talented artists, who know all about enticement and excitement! Value for money and a non stop action sequence until 4 am, with many and varied options open to customers!




For overall class performances and elegant surroundings, with entertainment value that includes aphrodisiac potent, Stockholm, Sweden, is a strip club destination not to be missed. Open until 7 in the morning, patrons are treated like royalty and to make sure they don’t become bored, in many instances, the performers are changed on a regular basis, each month.


Earnings and fees

For those cost conscious patrons, it is the usual case of getting what you pay for! Strip clubs and the artists are there to make a profit; it is hard, long and tiring work and the dance girls, can work shifts of 6 hours. The majority of strip clubs do not pay the artists to perform, it’s the reverse; the girls pay to dance at strip clubs. The dancers earn money by way of and apart from the fee they pay the club, they also usually give 10% of their tips.

An approximate example in the USA regarding fees paid by the artists is a stage fee of between $35 and $50 and should they want to work double shift; it’s double the normal stage fee!


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