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Hello! Thank you for coming to my page and reading more about my pole journey! I thought that for my first blog entry I would begin by discussing my pole goals and plans for the future!

Firstly October is a very pole filled month for me! Not only do I return to University and welcome all the new students to the University of Essex Pole dance club, but I am also competiting in the grand finals of the pole2pole professional cup on the 19th October! I’ve worked really hard this summer to ensure that the pole club first term goes smoothly so I can concentrate on my competition as the date get nearer!

As far as current competition preparation goes my routine has been choreographed, my costume is ready, my hotel and travel is booked, and all is left is for me to practice, practice, practice! I always make sure that I feel completely comfortable with any move I put into a routine, as I already have enough nerves before a performance never mind if I was anxious of an upcoming move, and it also means that all I need to do now is practice them to perfection and polish them off. I am also hitting the gym as often as I can, mainly working on cardio, and pole dancing along side my training. I feel that this helps me keep my cardio up as its very easy to get out of breath when your on stage!

Once this competition has been done I do not have other competitions lined up, as usually they are all in summertime/autumn, so what I am going to focus on is keeping up with my training and learning new moves ready for when the next competition comes up! I have seen so many moves that I have wanted to learn, but as its less than 2 months till my competition I don’t want to get distracted from my routine and get up spending my pole time learning new moves! I will also be spending more time on building strength for the more extreme moves which I simply aren’t strong enough to do yet and which takes a long time to build up! This will mean more time in the gym and more weight based exercises, as well as training on the pole with things such as dead lifts and no legged climbs!

I am really looking forward to my next competition and all the challenges that it brings, and till then I’m going to play my song over and over again until it drives me mad and keep my eye out for the next competition to enter!


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