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My first pole routine I ever did was to ‘Feeling Good’ by Muse. It was a big deal and a big step. It was the first song and routine I ever competed with.

I had tried choreographing to the Michael Bublé version but my pole instructor asked me to just try dancing to the Muse version and that was it. I performed using that song 3 times, twice in competition and once in a showcase. In between my first and second go at using it, I amended the routine a bit to up the difficulty but then went ahead and performed again.

Since then all of the routines I have done have been used once and then I move on. I Can’t stand to hear the music and certainly don’t want to dance to them again. That was never the case with ‘Feeling Good’.

When I pick music to dance to, I usually know as soon as I hear it that it’s one I want to dance to. I first heard ‘Madness’ by Muse when the 2nd Law came out. I loved it, and knew I wanted to dance to it. But I also knew I wasn’t ready to dance to it.

Sean O’Connor at Pink Pole Power asked if anybody was planning to do a routine to this music, I contacted him and said I was. It’s taken me a few months and another couple of routines in the middle but I felt I was finally ready to have a go this song.

The choreography for the tricks came quite quickly and that’s usually the bit I struggle with. Some of the floor work came easy and I got an assist from my friend Becky who showed me a couple of very nice split tricks and my instructor Anne who helped me with the bit of the routine I had to insert ‘stuff’ into.

So I’ve danced to it once at a competition and won my heat. This weekend I perform with it at the Incredipole showcase and the week after is the final for the competition. I’m so excited to get out and perform again. Having to take a week off for a minor op to my head while my stitches are in has been torture as I just want to get back to it again.

There are quite a few Muse songs on my to do list, I’m not quite sure what it is about the complexities of their music that just works for me on a pole but it’s there. All I know is that when that music hits and I start to move it is so free and unrestricted. For this routine I’m wearing a costume and have props. Doing it this time, I understand what Nadia Shariff was talking about at her workshop when she talked to us about giving ourselves over to a character.

I wonder what other people’s processes are in picking music, what speaks to them to make them want to dance. It’s fascinating to see what other people come up with.

For now, I have to thank Muse for producing another song which has brought so much joy and creative energy to my pole practice and performance.


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