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cupidOne of my pole friends has had the best idea so far of this month : having a pole session using moves focused on only using your bad side !!

I know making an outside leg hang on my left leg makes me swear like an old captain, but it would be useful to have a back up outside leg hang if I bruise my intuitive one or if I’m blocked in by choreography.

For instance the “outside leg hang to inside leg hang pseudo drop” uses the the side of your intuitive inside leg hang to do an outside leg hang and switches from there…

So having a “Man in the mirror” pole session is about going back to your previous levels and re-starting from the beginning. If you feel frustrated during the session, remember that you are re-learning, it took a measure of time on your intuitive side, it will probably take twice as long on your bad side, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll have twice the skills you have now which will have a big impact on “poleography”.

Good luck !!



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