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Pink October

With October coming up as breast cancer awareness month, it’s a good time to spread the word and find ways we can all contribute. A number of events and fundraisers will be held all over the country to bring awareness as well as raise money for this worthy cause.

The Limited-Edition Pink Stage

That is the reason we have decided to release a limited-edition, portable, stand-alone pink stage in order to raise awareness for breast cancer awareness. The official pink colour will help it stand out at any pole dancing fundraising event.

This portable stage pole is perfect for pole dancers and pole fitness studios who don’t want their kick-ass moves to be confined to a specific place, because they can simply take it anywhere. The the pink color is available for a limited time only as part of the campaign we are launching for breast cancer awareness. So, if you want to rock your moves and twirls on a stylish and durable stand, this is certainly for you.

Pole Fitness and Charity

As the pole dancing community is becoming larger, it is finding ways to give back. More people are becoming interested in pole fitness as a great way to stay in shape, have fun and express themselves, which is why they want to share it with others. And what greater way to share it, than hosting events to promote attention and raise money for a good cause? Pole dancers, pole dance and pole fitness groups are constantly hosting all sorts of charity events. The portable, limited-edition, pink stage is a great purchase for pole dancers or pole dancing studios that want to show their support for a cause of utmost importance like breast cancer awareness is.

Pole Fitness Charity Events

Many events have been held all over the world in the past for various causes. More than 50 performers took part in an event at The Ritz Ybor in Florida to raise money for CASA, a domestic violence center in St. Petersburg.

On this side of the Atlantic, there are also pole dancers strutting their stuff for worthy causes. Soul Pole, a community of pole dancers, held a 12-hour poleathon in 2010. This was an endeavor to raise money for the Malaika Africa project, in order to build a school in Tanzania.

In Bristol, the Charity Pole Fitness Showcase for the Julian trust, a night shelter for homeless people, recently held an event and made a contribution to the shelter.

Get Your PINK Stand Today

These are just a few of the examples of using pole fitness as a way to fund and support a variety of causes. If you need a top-quality stage for you or your next fundraising event, want to spread the word about breast cancer awareness, or all of the above, this stage is for you!

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