Lady Gaga Gets Advice from a Stripper

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In one of the final episodes of the Tonight Show this year (2014) Lady Gaga appeared with Tony Bennett to discuss the album that they collaborated on after meeting backstage at a concert. As part of their interview they discussed times they had taken advice from strangers. Tony Bennett took advice from a cabbie on making his performance better. Lady Gaga, being more eccentric, took advice from a stripper.

Lady Gaga is known for her acceptance of people and non-judgmental attitude towards people or groups who are often discriminated against. This includes sex industry workers.

The stripper, or exotic dancer, that Lady Gaga discussed was far from the stereotypical stripper that is portrayed in the media. She was older, and in the sex industry- older means over 30. This woman was in her 60s or 70s. She commented on how great Lady Gaga was and how if Lady Gaga took her clothes of she would be really great. Lady Gaga did not specify how she took the dancer’s advice, but she indicated that perhaps in some ways she did. Lady Gaga is known for wearing tiny costumes that are very original, maybe she was referencing in taking her ‘clothes’ off in terms of being vulnerable. But there was no concrete discussion of how she implemented the advice in her life, unlike Tony Bennett who did reveal how he does.

So why did she share this story? Could she be trying to seek attention for her acceptance of individuals so often marginalized? Or was she genuinely excited to see a women, older than is considered traditionally sexy? I choose to believe the latter, as Lady Gaga goes out of her way to provide a voice to those so often stigmatized in society.


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