Just over a month to go….

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Until I compete at the pole2pole professional cup final! Eeee!

This month is going to be jam packed with moving back to uni, running the pole club and preparing for the competition, but I’m really looking forward to the challenge!

To help me prepare for the competition I will be regularly:

  • attending the local gym to work on my cardio
  • stretching, foam rollering and general flexibility training
  • strength training on and off the pole, for example pole pull ups and press ups
  • repeatedly playing my routine song over and over again every day
  • polishing off all the moves and combos in my routine
  • at the end of each pole session running through the routine as a whole

I also try to eat healthy, avoid too much alcohol or treats and get plenty of rest whenever possible, although they are easier said than done, but as long as I try my hardest to stick to the pre competition rules I usually see results and improvements in my pole fitness.

Right now I’m more excited than nervous, but as the date gets closer I’m sure I’ll start to get butterflies!


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