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Hello everyone !

I made a video of a freestyle I would like to share and explain with you. My work here was on interpreting the song I was pole dancing too. The key word here is more “dance” than pole. Even though I am proud that I’ve been able to pass an Anastasia (that killer move from Anastasia Skukthorova that everybody has been trying the passed two weeks), the important thing here is really the dancing.

The song here is an acoustic version of Iron from Woodkid, which is quite emotional, but it doesn’t bring the same emotions to everyone: it is by dancing that you are going to show people what you feel when you hear it.

The dancing language is not the same for every one of us because, first and most important of all : we all have a unique body, with unique proportions and ways to move. This means that, even if you are inspired by other poler’s, you have your own lines.

A dancing line can be several things :
– the lines of your body: your legs with pointed or flexed feet, your back arched or straight, the line from a shoulder to a toe, …
– the line you are following: you are spinning clockwise then break the line then the other way (this line or path is very important for the fluidity of the choreography/freestyle)
– the line on which you are dancing: in pole dancing it is not really a line but circles of which the pole(s) you are dancing on is/are the center(s). For instance, if you have one pole your dancing lines are in front of the pole, behind the pole and the radius of the pole. If you have two poles, you can also add a line between the poles. These lines are not necessarily straight of course !

In this video, I’m pretty close, more or less, to the classic/modern jazz style, which is a choice I made only for this performance, but pole dancing is still a free discipline, you don’t need to chose one style and stick with it forever. I may feel a little more sexy next week and a little more hip hop the week after, feel free to experiment as long as you are dancing along to something that brings your heart and soul to the table pole.

I’l let you be the judge of  my freestyle in the video, feel free to comment and criticize !



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