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So, in September and October last year I was at an all time high with my pole training. I had competed in a competition with heats and got through for the first time. I performed at the incredible Incredipole on a stage in a theatre! I went on to win the final of the Polefit Starlet competition doing a routine I loved and was proud of. I was writing my blogs and immersed in something I loved which bought me joy.

Then, boom! I moved house very suddenly and changed jobs needing to work a really short notice period. The new job is really challenging and I’m learning so much on a daily basis. On the good news front I have the job I’ve been working towards for years, on the down side my pole training, gym and yoga all went out the window. Suddenly I couldn’t get to class, was tired all the time and not training at home. Naturally I thought it would just be a short spell and back to normal. Now here we are 4 months later and I can’t quite figure out where the time went.

I’ve put on a bit of weight, lost strength and flexibility and some of my tricks have left the building. My physical health also hasn’t been the best.

Not one to be defeated I have started on the road back to fitness with a programme of yoga, pole training at home and getting back to the gym. Progress is slow, real slow. I’m gutted that some of my tricks seem to be gone and the work that I’d done appears to have disappeared. Luckily for me, I’m a stubborn critter and have made a plan.

So the plan consists of working on my splits (which are still there but are tight); sorting out my diet and feeding my body what it needs not what is quick and easy; building strength in the gym and working through some training at home. Hopefully I’ll get to a class at the weekend, I’m going to book in for some sessions and try my hand at a spot of aerial.

Have to admit I’m still in a state of shock at how much I’ve lost in how quick a time. As an instructor I’m well aware of the ‘use it or lose it’ principle but, well, dayam!!! Even my shoulders are tight.

So it’s watch this space. I’ll be open and honest about the process of trying to get back to shape and how the juggle of fitting work, life and pole together goes. I’ve picked a competition to go to in April so I have 8 weeks to get back what I’ve lost. Here goes…


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