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Happy New Year!

I’m pleased to say 2013 marks the 3rd New Year where I can say the diet didn’t start on the first. Freedom from that madness is something to celebrate each and every year. Having been a formerly big girl, I often struggle with body image issues (same as most women). How odd that I find myself so engrossed in a sport/art that requires the wearing of not that much clothing (which as we all know is for grip, not aesthetics). Still, there is something about pole work that really helps how you feel better about your body. It was something we all discussed while getting ready for the show at Christmas. Most of us shared the horror of being told you really did have to wear shorts if you were going to climb. Somehow we had all moved from that place of abject terror to being perfectly happy strolling about the crowded venue in our shorts. It was an across the board comment that doing pole dancing had made all of us feel more confident in our bodies and ourselves. I think it’s great to acknowledge that our classes and practice don’t just help improve our bodies. Especially when there are those out there that would knock us for doing what we love.
I saw a terrific quote describing the diversity of what is a pole dancer.

“We are models and hobbits, soft, muscly, skinny, beautifully full-figured, and from every Shire on earth.”
Kira Jane

In addition to no diet, 2013 brings no resolutions – only goals. My two main goals will be:

1) To improve my pole work (there will be pictures to show the successes)
2) To help people to understand what pole dancing/fitness really is about

I’ve already done some of goal 1, having managed to achieve 3 new tricks including one I’d been working for months. Hopefully blogging will help to raise awareness, any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

It’s been a terrific start to the New Year, having had 2 choreography sessions with my doubles partner and working out pretty much our whole routine. That is another new experience as I’ve never done doubles before. So it’s started with a bang, can’t wait to see what else 2013 has in store. Watch this space!


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