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I’ve been taking my flexibility training slowly over the recent months, as a few years ago I pulled my hamstring really bad and it put me out of exercises for weeks, never mind that it also meant I lost all the flexibility I’d worked so hard to gain! I’ve been listening to my body, making sure I’m really warmed up first and practicing various stretches to keep things interested, whilst all the time resisting the urge to push myself that little bit too hard to see results quicker. Flicking through peoples pictures online of their flexibility journeys, with their bum on their head and legs almost folding into themselves, it can be really frustrating that I don’t seems to be progressing anywhere as quickly as them!

However, looking back at my old pictures of my flexibility compared to now, I have made a significant difference. It may not be as impressive as some people, but what is important is that its a big development for me. If anything its been a pleasant surprise at how far I have actually come along, and its made me feel more encouraged to keep on going. I am going to make sure that I track my progression with flexibility more often, and it use it see where I am going, especially so I can see if my technique is correct.

Below if my progression from August to December, and who knows, maybe next time I recap my flexibility progress I might be completely flat 😀




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