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Last month, I competed in Mr & Miss Pole Scotland. I was so very pleased to come 3rd in the student category particularly as I was competing against girls more experienced and able than me.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog this was another leap for me. It was my first attempt at a Burlesque routine, and my first time using props and performing in heels. With all that considered I’m still a little stunned to have done so well.

I’ve got to admit; I did love the style and had lots of fun interacting with my props, two lovely pole boys called Danny and Joe.

Getting into a character and being a bit cheeky was nice, I’m usually very serious when I dance, and the girls I train with often mock me for my ‘game’ face.

I went into this competition feeling a bit under-prepared. I definitely didn’t have as much practice as I’d wanted and was worried about the number of firsts I was doing in one routine.

If only I wasn’t so driven to push myself (think it’s safe to say that ship has sailed and there is no cure for it). The routine started up the pole, and my first move was a teddy bear, I got into position, and slid. It knocked my confidence a bit but I think I recovered OK. Then something I’ve not experienced before happened, I blanked and forgot my routine.

Usually I’ve practiced so often and so hard that auto pilot takes over when the music hits, this time it left me. My saving grace was that I knew my music well so that when I went blank I went into improvising and was able to keep going.

I was focussed on keeping moving and staying true to the style I had committed to. I do have to say, I’ll never do a competition again that under-prepared. It was a truly unpleasant feeling and not one I care to repeat.

I spent the rest of the competition feeling a bit sorry for myself that I’d blown it. Then when the results time came I was listening out for the girls I train with to see how they did.

Needless to say I nearly fell off my chair when they announced my name as 3rd place. I’m still a little shocked and beyond chuffed.
There were some fantastic performances on the night. I really enjoyed seeing my friend Becky getting up and enjoying performing especially since she’s battled with being shy.

Seeing people grow and develop through pole never ceases to amaze me. Heidi Hildersley was her usual tour de force self pulling off amazing moves one after the other and appearing not to conform to the same rules of gravity as the rest of us. There was also a Mr Pole section which was really exciting.

Men’s pole isn’t something we get to see a lot of but it was great, the routines and styles were varied and the strength moves the boys can pull off are terrific. I look forward to getting to see more of that.

Anyway, after having promised myself a couple of months rest from competing, I’ve decided to enter the Scottish heat of the WPSC completion at the start of August so am now on an 8 week countdown. I’ll keep you updated of progress as it goes……


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