Entering The British Isles Pole Dance Championships 2013

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Just wanted to let you know that I have my next competition confirmed! I am competing in the professional category at the British Isles Pole Dance Championship, held on Saturday 19th October.

There are still many months to go, but preparation has already started as I am sure October will come around much quicker than I expect!

I’ve been working really hard on learning some new moves and tricks that will give my routines that added pop. I also already know my song and have my costume (bit of an eager beaver) but I won’t start working on my routine until nearer the time.

I am really excited to have a competition planned as it gives me even more determination to work harder and challenge myself at pole.   Sometimes I can get a bit dis-heartened when learning new moves and it feels like its taking ages to get anywhere, but when I have a competition to prepare for it makes all the hard work seem worth it even more.

I will be writing about my competition in the next few months but until then I will be searching the internet for videos and  for new moves to fit my routine ideas and on top of that finish my undergraduate degree.

Me competing at the Pole2pole amateur cup in 2011
Me competing at the Pole2pole amateur cup in 2011


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