Don’t give up! Pole move perseverance!

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One of my main faults in pole is that if I can’t nail a move within a week or so I completely give up and move onto the next one. This isn’t very productive and means that some key moves get left behind. I have several moves that fall into this category but the main ones recently have been Cross-ankle releases, anything to do with Knees or Cupid and Spatchcock.

In class our “move of the month” has been Cupid for Valentines day and when we are supposed to practice, I have to admit if I can avoid doing the move then I will! It really hurts me that much.

Everyone has different areas where their pain threshold is not as high and this is definitely my area. However I am going to persevere and by the end of March hope to have my Cross-ankle release and Cupid sorted with photos to show you.

My instructor says that if I want to compete in competitions this year then I need to work on the basics so that is my current goal.

As for the Spatchcock….. I would say I am fairly flexible and therefore can manage some of the more advanced moves a lot quicker than some of the more basic stuff. I have been learning Spatchcock for about six weeks. When I first started no matter what I couldn’t get my grip right and couldn’t for the life of me bring my leg down to the pole.  I found it incredibly frustrating and more or less gave up on the move.

I asked not to do it in private lessons and decided not to bother with it as it only ruined my motivation. However recently I decided that I really wanted to nail it for my showcase which is in June. Within two goes I had got it and have posted a picture below.

I’m not quite sure what my top foot is doing in the photo but the move is more or less there. I’m really glad I went back to the move instead of giving up as I got it ridiculously quickly.

I’m sure it’s not very normal to get a Spatchcock before a cupid but that’s the strange way I seem to learn! So my advice would be that if you are struggling with a move then don’t give up. It takes everyone different amounts of time to learn a move but with determination anything can be achieved.

Something else I have started to learn this week is my Cartwheel on the pole. I can do it with a spotter but the moment she steps away I am lost. I think this is a move similar to a Handspring where I may have a mental block.

It took me several weeks before I built up the confidence to get my handsprings right and I am hoping that the same will happen with this move. My instructor told me there are 4/5 different grips you can use for a Cartwheel on the pole but so far I have only tried two.

If anyone has any advice on which grip is best or how not to hit the pole with your legs then please comment below! When I have this move I will post a few videos up of the different types of grip and let you know which (if any) I find easier.




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