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It is said that anything can be sold, providing it appeals to your customers and offers value for their money! As a business owner, whether you have pole dancing artistes now, or are thinking about introducing them, one way of gaining repeat business is by giving your customers something to see that is quality, sexy, yet at the same time, classy and different.

The days of old, sleazy joints, with a cheap worn looking strip pole on the stage and equally tired looking girls gyrating on and around it, are gone! Today, night clubs and entertainment environments have to cater for audiences that have generally, experienced pole dancing in various forms and venues. It’s a case of them demanding you provide the best possible show for their entertainment and money, otherwise it is likely, they’ll go somewhere else, which will!


Established quality and reputation

We have established a reputation over 13 years in the USA and UK, for providing club owners and entertainment centers with the best quality and most innovative dance poles available. This means that a talented pole dancer or strip pole artiste is able to provide your customers with a display they will appreciate for its content, class and professionalism. In addition, it will reflect positively on you, by providing them with the best in entertainment value.

The image of your club makes an instant impression, but it takes some great entertainment to make it memorable and create the desire for return visits. A classy, expert pole dancer can draw an audience to her act; supported by high quality equipment, made from genuine brass and true stainless steel. This support enhances any performance and increases the image and prestige of their employer.


The image-enhancing product

Word-of-mouth is a critical aspect of marketing and selling your entertainment. Customers like to be seen and take their friends to the places, with the best service, girls and entertainment. A professionally presented dance pole artiste with amazing, attention-getting equipment can make the necessary impact. You have various pole options to choose from, that best suits the personal talents of the artiste and the club conditions; which, is all part of the overall image presentation to customers.

No matter the venue and which of our products you choose, you are assured of the finest manufacturing quality, style and materials. Our product lines include permanently installed dance poles, ideal for a strip, night club or a bar, with the option of a spinning, or non-spinning pole. Then you can have tall poles, pressure-mounted and designed to be conveniently removable; these especially appeal to venues, where there are no facilities for securing bolts, in the floor or ceiling.

For gentlemen’s clubs and nightclubs, we can offer you our free-standing dance poles, also produced in genuine brass and stainless steel. Our high quality products are available in sizes; 50mm, 45mm and 38mm diameter, designed to meet all requirements, including exotic dancing poles and chrome fitness poles. All our products have been proven to withstand the roughest usage, in various applications.


Customer satisfaction and service

The support and service we provide to our customers, is as crucial to us as that you offer your own clientele. We have manufacturing operations and distributions centers in the USA and the UK, providing us with the opportunity of giving customers worldwide the best quality equipment and service support. Whether your business is a large entertainment venue, small, intimate club, or home environment, you have access to us, with a product being tailor-made to meet your particular requirements.

For any club or other venue owner, when choosing a dance pole for the first time, it’s recommended that you take time to research various available products. This applies especially to safety factors, related to manufacturing techniques and material quality. It is critical that a dance pole product is able to endure the stress placed upon it and hold body weight.

Our dedication to product and service excellence has given customers in many and varied occupations, the opportunity to help make the title of pole dancing or exercising, into an art form. From spins, climbs and body inverts, users are able to perform movements as they would in a gym or other physical training environment. It is now generally regarded as an overall body workout, of combined resistance training and cardio exercise.

Experienced pole dancers have the talent, strength and inherent flexibility to perform acrobatics; either propelling their bodies around the metal poles, or suspending their body weight to varying degrees. Although to an audience, the act of climbing a pole may appear easy, it does in effect, require a significant amount of strength. A professional pole dancer can create an atmosphere of art, physical ability and sexual innuendo, which in the right environment, will ensure a captured audience!

Checkout our about us page for further information about our organization, or contact us for advice regarding your particular application.


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