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Soooo typically, as soon as I break up from University, have plenty of time on my hands and a list as long as my arm of moves that I want to practice over the holidays I manage to hurt myself, not just hurt myself, but actually crack a rib.

I was practicing the flying ballerina, and all was going pretty well. I was looking back at the pictures of me attempting it, and each time tweaking it a little bit to make it look better. I took this last picture, had a look and then thought that I’ll try it again one last time, and this time to try and look up a bit more to give it a better shape.


On my final attempt at the move, as I wrapped myself around the pole to grab my back leg I heard a horrible cracking sound. On the video of me doing it you can even hear the crack over the music! It took a few seconds for the pain to kick in, and once it had it felt like someone had kicked me in the back.

As silly as it may sound, I haven’t visited the hospital over it as the NHS direct said there’s nothing can do for broken or cracked ribs anyway, they won’t even x-ray them. The only thing I can do is take pain killers and rest, meaning no pole, no gym and no flexibility training :( I think the only reason I was really crying was the fact I knew it meant that for at least 3 weeks I would need to rest and stay off the pole so it can heal properly, the pain was a close second! Its been around 10 days since it happened and for the first week sleeping, walking and turning around was very painful, but now it is easing off and I’m getting very fidgety having to stay in the house over the holidays when I want to work of those Christmas calories and work on my pole routines!

The one benefit that I feel I can take away from this is that when I’m better and thinking how I can’t be bothered to get off my ass and do some pole, I can think back to being stuck on the sofa and physically not being able to pull myself up on the pole without wailing in agony and get myself motivated! There’s not many times I can say I’d rather be at the gym than watching TV!



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