Celebrities and Pole Dancing Classes

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In the US many people follow certain celebrities like it is a second (or first job) and want to do everything that they do. It is how trends are born.

Recently, Kim Kardashian has been in the public eye a lot, from having her first child, to another wedding, and now taking a pole dancing class with her friends, sisters, and mom. Kim Kardashian is not the first or even the second (or third, fourth etc) star to take a spin on a pole, but she is one of the most visible. She lives a lot of her life in the public eye as a realty television star.

Jessica Alba, Carmen Electra, Demi Moore, Emma Watson, Amy Adams, Paris Hilton, Kendra Wilkinson, Cindy Crawford, Heather Graham, Teri Hatcher, Britney Spears, and Heidi Klum are some of the celebrities who have recently taken up pole dancing. It reads quite like a who’s who of Hollywood.

What does this mean for Pole Dancing as a sport?

It does bring more media attention to the sport which brings it exposure, but it does cause some people to take the sport as a joke or too lightly.

For example in Kim Kardashian’s class her mom inverted, in a sport or class structure, this would not be allowed, especially without a crash mat or while wearing pants. As pole athletes get more advanced, more skin is required to stick to the pole. So pole athletes progress from yoga pants, to capris, to shorts, to booty shorts. The same holds true for shirts, people go from tee shirts, to tank tops, to sports bras.

Emma Haslam got a lot of attention for performing a pole dance routine on Britain’s got talent. Emma is a phenomenal dancer but people paid more attention to her being plus sized than to her talent and skill as a pole dancer. Anyone can pole dance. It is a great fitness endeavor but it’s an even better self-esteem endeavor.

So many women from celebrities to soccer moms and men have gained confidence, strength, and a healthier life style.


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