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Pole Buying Guide: Permanent or Removable

Welcome to the world of pole fitness. It’s addictive.  It’s fun. It is fantastic exercise.  But once or twice a week may not be often enough to fulfill your pole

Pole Buying Guide: Choosing the Correct Diameter Pole

There is a lot to think about when shopping for an at home pole for pole dancing for fitness.  One of the most important things to consider is the diameter

Pole Buying Guide: Freestanding Portable Dance Poles

There are some poles on the market that are free standing and have stages.  These are poles that are great for workshops, instructors, professionals, and outdoor use. What better way

Pole Buying Guide: Brass? Stainless Steel? The Right Finish

Having good grip on your pole is crucial for your success at tricks.  Having too much grip can result in injuries just as much as being too slippery.  Aside from

Pole Buying Guide: Spinning or Static

Did you know there were different types of poles?  There are different finishes, different diameters, and poles that spin among the varieties of dance poles.  Buying a pole is looking