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How did that happen?

25.09.2014   aliciak   Blog Posts   No comments

So, in September and October last year I was at an all time high with my pole training. I had competed in a competition with heats and got through for

Are you ready to pole around the world (part 2)?

Hi everybody, First my apologies for quite a big delay from my previous post. But, there is an excuse, and that is the 4 week travel. I have finally arrived

Olga Skorczewski – Are you ready to pole around the world?

In my first ever blog, I would like first to take the opportunity to thank Platinum Stages in welcoming me as part of their sponsored Athletes team and giving me

Seasonal Changes and Grip Changes

I live in the northern hemisphere, and where I live we are solidly in the winter weather here.  For this area, winter weather is cold.  It can be extremely cold-

Pole Perception – How pole dancing is empowering women!

22.11.2013   aliciak   Blog Posts   No comments

So, this last week, Facebook has been buzzing with very angry pole dancers responding to Swansea University Student’s Union (SUSU) deciding to ban its Pole Dancing Society for assorted reasons.

Coping with failure.

When it comes to pole dancing competitions there’s one thing which I know about, and that is failure. Now I am not a pessimistic kind of person, but when it

Pole Dancing Competition Count Down

It is less than a week until I compete at the British Isles competition, and I actually feel very happy with my routine and I can’t wait to get to

Muse, my muse – Choosing A Song For A Pole Routine

30.09.2013   aliciak   Blog Posts   No comments

My first pole routine I ever did was to ‘Feeling Good’ by Muse. It was a big deal and a big step. It was the first song and routine I

Still a Big Girl. But I Love Pole Dancing

30.09.2013   aliciak   Blog Posts   No comments

As I’ve said before, my journey in pole started when I’d lost weight (about 70 lbs). I came to pole probably a size 12 and am now about an 11.

Happy Pole Anniversary to me…

26.09.2013   aliciak   Blog Posts   No comments

This month marks a year for me training pole dancing. What a year it’s been. I can’t quite wrap my head around what I’ve learned, how my body has changed