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Why Pole Dancing Fitness is capturing new audiences worldwide

Pole dancing is no longer perceived as a sometimes poor attempt to attract audiences to clubs and shows with the hidden or often blatant promises of erotic performances. In the

Opening a strip club in the USA – What you need to know!

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If you have almost decided to open a “Sexually Orientated Business” (SOB), for example; a strip club but would like to be sure about what is needed before taking the

The Ancient Power of the Circus Dance Pole

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The grace and skills of a Chinese circus performer, the acrobatic energy of the Indian art, known as “Pole Mallakhamb” and enhanced with the sensuous dance influences from Western cultures,

10 Celebrity Strippers – Why They Started

Some fans and followers of celebrities could express shock or disappointment on discovering their male or female idols, once stripped for a living! Many on the other hand, will realize

Pole dance safely, use a pole crash mat

A few years ago pole dancing was considered the arena of gentlemen’s clubs, but now more than ever it is accepted as a the effective, fun, and incredible whole body

Pole Photo Shoot 101

Photo by Don Curry At some point in a poler’s pole journey he or she may decide that he or she desire’s photographic evidence is warranted. Don Curry is one

Our Top 5 Strip Club Destinations

A strip club is in many ways a personal experience, created by the individual perceptions and desires of the audience; therefore, to determine leading destinations in the strip club industry

Lady Gaga Gets Advice from a Stripper

In one of the final episodes of the Tonight Show this year (2014) Lady Gaga appeared with Tony Bennett to discuss the album that they collaborated on after meeting backstage

Capturing Customers with a Pole Dance!

Whether you are a long-term club, bar owner or someone considering investing in a new venture, new concepts and ideas are always needed to keep the interest of existing customers

Customer Satisfaction with the Best Performances

It is said that anything can be sold, providing it appeals to your customers and offers value for their money! As a business owner, whether you have pole dancing artistes