Capturing Customers with a Pole Dance!

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Whether you are a long-term club, bar owner or someone considering investing in a new venture, new concepts and ideas are always needed to keep the interest of existing customers and attract new ones. Therefore, to keep up with changing preferences and the times, it is worth making an objective review, about what you can do to make your investment more profitable and increase its attraction and exposure!

Platinum Stages are specialists in the field of equipment for pole dancing with our well known pole fitness products, now being established in strip clubs, nightclubs, bars and entertainment venues throughout the UK, Europe and the United States of America. Click here to read more about our company.


The Pole Dance

Any type of equipment used by a professional artiste in any art form especially that intended for entertainment value must enhance their performance. Our pole dancingproducts are designed for this purpose and to draw the attention of an audience.

To achieve strength, durability and the maximum safety for the artiste, the dance poles are manufactured from the finest stainless steel and solid brass, which also makes for an impressive stage presentation to the audience. You can view the latest and most modern pole dancing stage equipment, available in the Europe and the USA on the shop section of our site.

Our reputation has been established on a basic range of 3 pole dancer products. Magnificent, captivating dance poles, that can be fixed and do not spin, or if you prefer, poles that have a spin facility! For a greater convenience aspect, you can consider tall or removable poles that are pressure –mounted, without fixings.


Safety and Experience

Safety is paramount at Platinum Stages, and therefore our pole dancer equipment is manufactured in only the best solid stainless steel and brass; designed to be subjected to heavy usage. For versatility and gaining the best performances from individual artistes, we offer our dance polesin diameters of 45mm and 50 mm.

Our experience with this product, is a valuable asset for any type of club, bar and entertainment businesses. Pole dancing has become part of the modern trend and the expertise of an artiste can give your customers exciting entertainment value. Our experts are available to assist you and for further and more detailed information; visit: platinumstages.co.uk


The Best of Pole Dancing

No matter whether you own or wish to start a small, medium sized bar/club, a plush nightclub, or any other type of entertainment venue, a pole dancerwith the right presentation, is a great customer incentive. In many instances, special occasions, such as bachelor parties are not complete without a visit to the local bar, or club, for a striptease, by either a male or female performer, which is always highlighted or supported with a pole, dance.

Pole dancing provides a focus of attention on the stage for the audience; it also encourages audience participation and inter-action, as well as the sale of other products, especially drinks. It can become a talking point amongst customers and therefore an excellent word-of-mouth advertising medium. Visit us today and let us help you enhance your business!


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