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Nearly the end of January already? It’s been a busy month so far.

I learned a valuable lesson this week too. I’d been working on the set dance for the beginner’s section of the Edinburgh Pole Competition. It’s an odd experience choreographing not for yourself, having a vocabulary of moves and sticking to it, thinking about what the dance is and isn’t and meeting that brief. Another very steep learning curve, luckily I’m a girl who loves a challenge!!! Got myself up to the point where I was ready to show the head of the school (Anne) to see what she thought (nerve wracking moment). I’m happy with the dance, it’s maybe a little out there, not everybody wants to pole dance to Edith Piaf but I love it. Luckily Anne did too. Problem being I’ve spent so much time in my own practice working on trying out harder and more flashy moves that I’ve let my basics suffer.

This week has been back to basics week and it’s been really valuable. Taking the time to focus on technique and going back and understanding the movements from a slightly different perspective. I trained martial arts for many years and knew from that that as you advance through the grades, you go back and relearn what you already know but from a different place. In teaching yoga I’m very strong on remembering the basics because if they’re off, everything else is too. Same principle applies to pole; I just forgot it for a bit. I’ve actually had fun working on my fireman spins etc. making the moves crisper and learning to use my body slightly differently.

Next hurdle will be the being recorded doing the dance and having it uploaded onto YouTube (GULP!). Now where did I put that fake tan.


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