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Why Pole Dancing Fitness is capturing new audiences worldwide

Pole dancing is no longer perceived as a sometimes poor attempt to attract audiences to clubs and shows with the hidden or often blatant promises of erotic performances. In the

Our Top 5 Strip Club Destinations

A strip club is in many ways a personal experience, created by the individual perceptions and desires of the audience; therefore, to determine leading destinations in the strip club industry

Capturing Customers with a Pole Dance!

Whether you are a long-term club, bar owner or someone considering investing in a new venture, new concepts and ideas are always needed to keep the interest of existing customers

Customer Satisfaction with the Best Performances

It is said that anything can be sold, providing it appeals to your customers and offers value for their money! As a business owner, whether you have pole dancing artistes


Since 2001, Platinum Stages has innovated over 50 products and been supplying the highest quality poles to the pole dance industry. Beginning with the 1st free standing pole (The Platinum

Win a free dance pole this christmas

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