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Anna Douglas


supermanI’m Anna, AKA Pole Dance Geek, a geeky, gaming, pole dancer. When I first started pole fitness classes almost 4 years ago, I never imagined just how addictive it could be. In fact – I had to be dragged to my first class but after 10 minutes in the studio I was completely hooked and was already planning getting my own pole! Almost four years on I can not imagine my life without Pole in it. Not only have I made amazing friends, I’ve taken part in a World Record Attempt, unintentionally competed (yep I didn’t think that was possible either) and raised lots of money for much needed local charities. I’m now aiming towards properly competing at a national level with my doubles partner and spreading my love of pole to anyone who will listen to me!


Olga Skorczewski

Olga Skorczewski

I am a career woman, a mum and a passionate pole athlete. Since I was 16teen, I have been always very active and fitness oriented, but I got hooked on pole dance in Germany, where I grow up, when pole dance was introduced to the main fitness gyms at the time and when the pole revolution began….

I have trained in Australia, the UK and now continue to train in South France where I live, even though pole dance is still less known here compare to other countries.

Also having a baby has brought its own challenges, as your body adjusts to the challenges of motherhood, I am glad to say that going back to pole dance has made me feel happy and confident in my own body by knowing that nothing can stop you to follow your passion and strive for success in any life situation.

My goal is to introduce my friends, mainly resent becoming mothers, to pole dance and encourage them to discover their passion and their strength to learn something new and exciting…


Heidi Hildersley


I’ve always been in to sport since school , 5 years in a row school athletics champion. Now I’m a full time aerobics instructor and have been for 14 years. I teach all different classes with body combat being my favorite, probably cause I used to do Thai boxing.

I started pole nearly 4 years ago just for fun and something different. Now I love it, I love competing and judging.

I won The British isles Championship in 2011.

I won the Edinburgh competition; instructor category and overall winner in 2012.

And in October 2012 I came 3rd in the professional category of the European Pole Dance Championships in Holland.



Daisy Moore


My name is Daisy Moore and I live in Shropshire. I am 22 years old and study Law at University. I have been pole dancing since August 2012 and since then pole dancing has literally taken over my life. I spent every free minute training and aim to go to three or four classes a week. It started out as a hobby but I now want to seriously consider it as a future career.  I have studied Ballet for nineteen years which really helps with the flexibility needed for pole so I have nailed some of the more advanced moves quite quickly. I am hoping to enter my first competition and perform my first showcase later this year. My goals are to further improve my flexibility and upper body strength and to add more moves to my repertoire. I also want my own pole as I feel this holds me back and limits my training time. I am very excited to be joining Platinum Stages as a sponsored athlete and look forward to sharing my progress.

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Brigitte Bonin

Brigitte-Bonin-Pole-Dancer-CroppedBrigitte was born on 21st of December 1989. She had a massive crush on the pole dancing “artistic sport” a few years ago and started practicing it on January 2012. Then everything changed in her body and mind : they were finally connected.As her parents believed in her they helped her open a studio in Biarritz (South West of France) where pole dancing passion is shared with her students every day and she opened an eshop dedicated to pole dancing to provide everything she could to anyone wanting to start or improve their practice. She also puts on shows every months or more.



Alicia Knight

Alicia Knight Platinum Stages Sponsored Athlete

I’m Alicia and I’m a pole addict.

I’m based in Edinburgh where I’m studying for an MSc. It’s also where I get my fix of pole at the Goeswell Dance School. My initiation into pole came last year. I’d lost a lot of weight (roughly 5 stones/70lbs) and decided that I would give pole a try since I’d always wanted to and now felt I was light enough to do so. I did a taster session and loved it (also acquired some really impressive bruises). Now I am lucky enough to be joining Platinum Stages as a sponsored athlete, I think myself lucky to have these experiences.

My goals are to continue to work on the skills I have, develop some new ones, to continue to perform and compete. I love the artistry of pole and want to work on that and include it in my routines. There is something very freeing about being on the pole, whether you’re upside down or spinning or stretching. It’s hard to explain to the uninitiated but I do hope to spread the word.

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