Are you ready to pole around the world (part 2)?

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Hi everybody, First my apologies for quite a big delay from my previous post. But, there is an excuse, and that is the 4 week travel. I have finally arrived back at home, it is my first weekend to enjoy my own bed again. So, you will say, how was it? Did you manage to get some training done? Well, I must say it was quite an adventure.

First couple of days just could not be considered for training due to massive jet lag …after traveling for more than 24 hours and arriving on the west coast of the USA with 9 hours behind our time, last thing my body wanted was a training! I wanted to sleep when people worked and stay awake when people were asleep! I wonder how all these pole dancers manage to do it when they fly from country to country to run workshops, participate in competitions and shows- its exhausting…west coast had some schools but unfortunately too far from the place I had to stay, and that was in the middle of nowhere, so the first week had to be the gym and push ups in the hotel room.

Second week I flew to Boston, East Coast and luckily enough there was a school that would accommodate me to join for some classes and training. The owner of the school was the lovely Maggie  Ann from Escape Aerial Arts who welcomed me warmly into her newly opened studio in North Grafton just 6 month ago. Not only she allowed me to trained for free but she also took her time to explain and help me with some moves I wasn’t familiar with, gave me some new ideas and also do some videos so that I can practice at home.  I am really surprised how a sport can bring people together and open doors anywhere in the world – it’s amazing! But I am now also thinking to myself – damn, I need to practice even harder. I thought I was good,  after that week I felt I had still a very long way to go and maybe some day I will get there.

Finally, we also tested the Pole Uggs that I specially had shipped from Australia. Well, they do work BUT they won’t be suitable for all moves as the grip is sometimes misplaced when you are in them rather than barefoot. Shame, but they kept my feet for 3 weeks very warm and so comfortable, they somehow compensate for the little lack of grip in some areas. Well, I will not bore you with more further description of my trip, as I did not really manage to train while on the move.

The point is, if you are lucky and you find a school nearby, great, you are in for it, but most of the time, the travel restricts your ability to stay in your practice routine and I must say, after being absent for 2 weeks of the pole, I feel that I lost my fitness already and have to go back to the basics….I’m sure I won’t but this is how it feels at the moment….So, I got that fair on next Sunday, where I will be doing some pole demonstrations with my colleague from work to promote pole as a sport art for ladies living in Toulouse..therefore I better stop writing and start training….stay tuned for new post on our success at the spring fair :)


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