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Platinum Stages

We’ve been providing quality, made in the U.S and the UK., elite stripper poles and fitness poles for over 13 years. All of our dance poles are made with real, genuine brass or real genuine stainless steel. For quality and reliability that you can trust, make sure you always are dancing on a Platinum Stages dance poles. Our product line ranges from permanent dance poles great for strip clubs, night clubs and bars, removable dance poles for venues in which no bolts can be affixed into the ceiling or floor, and portable free standing dance poles that look great in gentleman’s clubs and night clubs. All of our industry dance poles are made from genuine brass or stainless steel and are manufactured to with stand the test of time without corrosion or a need to replace them. When you buy Platinum Stages you are guaranteed to receive the real thing!

Quality Materials

Platinum Stages uses only quality materials in the production of our products. We do not use cheap materials or manufacture any of our products overseas. All of our stripper poles are made from either real stainless steel or genuine brass. We do not coat or plate our poles to make them seem like the real deal.


While being based and manufactured in the United States and the United Kingdom, Platinum Stages is a global company that values its customers from all corners of the world. We have sold poles to customers on just about every continent and we are able to reach hundreds of countries big or small. Our European headquarters located in the United Kingdom is tailored specifically to cater to the needs of our European customers and entertainment venues.